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Alex Kahuam at FICG 2019

Alex Kahuam is an award-winning director/writer/producer who has been nominated at the top genre film festivals in the world such as: SITGES, LONDON FRIGHTFEST, BIFFF-Brussels International Fantastic Film Festival and many more. He is the first Mexican director in the history of cinema to have accomplished making a feature film in a long take with no cuts in the US. His style has caught the attention of many film festivals, critics and audiences around the world for the use of long takes and the tension that he builds in his films. His upcoming one take feature film "Failure!" starring horror icon Ted Raimi will start its festival run in 2023 and its the first one of a film movement he created called ""Herman@s réalisateurs 23" This movement is inspired by the manifesto of Dogma 95 started by Lars von Trier and Thomas Vinterberg, meaning that any project that comes to the movement will have a specific set of rules to follow. The rules Alex set as conditions to join his movement include: directors must have already completed their first or second feature film, all projects must be international co-productions (Failure! is a Mexican-American co-production), and films must have long takes throughout. The movement’s main objective is to connect artists from around the world; it offers a platform through which artists can work together to create innovative films. Through the creation of this movement, Alex further strengthens his standing as an innovator and leader in filmmaking.



Red Light

An obnoxious social media influencer and a group of friends on their way to a Halloween party find themselves in a grim world of hell when they run into two twisted brothers. Not even one of their 1 million followers can help them now.

Ted Raimi
Brian Krause
Esteban de la Isla

Written and Directed by
Alex Kahuam