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A.M. Lukas is a writer-director currently developing a series with Showtime and VICE Studios based on her short film One Cambodian Family Please for My Pleasure. The multi-award-winning Sundance film aired on TNT as part of its Shatterbox series, has been viewed online and around the world over a million times, and has been championed by human rights organizations like the UNHCR. Lukas debuted as a feature director with the coming-of-age film Hollidaysburg which was embraced by film critics, the LA Times calling it "Smart, warm, and authentic, one of the better youth comedies of the last few years.” It was recently named #11 on Rotten Tomatoes’ list of the “20 Best Thanksgiving Movies of All Time."

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One Cambodian Family Please for My Pleasure

A lonely Czech refugee writes a letter begging an organization to send a Cambodian refugee family to resettle in her new hometown of Fargo, North Dakota.

Emily Mortimer

Written and Directed by
A.M. Lukas

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Home for Thanksgiving break after their first semester at college, five friends discover just how much things change (and don't) after high school.

Rachel Keller
Tobin Mitnick
Claire Chapelli

Written and Directed by
A.M. Lukas