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Episode 16

Trial By Fire

A.M. Lukas discusses her difficult and very public feature film debut as part of a cable TV show.

Episode 15

Filmschool to Feature

How Gonçalo Almeida achieved critical acclaim with his short films and went about directing his first feature film.

Episode 14

Limitation Brings Freedom

Gabriel explains how his experience with different production scales taught him how creativity flourishes with limited resources.

Episode 13

Design and Cinema

How Maysaa's passion for architecture, metallurgy and crafts helped inspire her cinematic storytelling.

Episode 12

Adapting your voice

Mexican filmmaker Rodrigo Fiallega explores the differences between making a film for hire vs pursuing a passion project.

Episode 11

making a trilogy

Daniel Moshel's MeTube trilogy is a YouTube viral sensation, which also received a critical presence at major film festivals.

Episode 10

Outside Looking In

Syrian director Rana Kazkaz explains how filmmaking helped her process the trauma of losing her homeland.

Episode 9

Art and Movement

French artist Marie Jacotey revisit her foray into directing animation for the first time, using her art style as the animation technique.

Episode 8

Stories of Adversity

South African director, Nomawonga Khumalo, discusses the film industry and the challenges she faced making her film Five Tiger.

Episode 7

Getting started

British director, Jolyon White, sits down with Bernhard Pucher to discuss how he's getting started after his short film debuted at the UK Film Festival.

Episode 6

Exploring Memories

Belgian director, Meltse Van Coillie, discusses her films and how memories affect the stories we tell.

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