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Frequently Asked Questions

What is CenterFrame?

CenterFrame is a members club for screenwriters, directors and producers from around the world. The goal is to create an environment where filmmakers can develop their projects together, fund them, and help get them in front of audiences.

What is CenterFrame's goal?

Our goal is to offer an alternative, filmmaker-lead avenue to making and funding screen content, and help filmmakers build their track record.

How does CenterFrame funding work?

CenterFrame is a members' club with a monthly fee. A significant part of these fees is used to create a pool from which grants are offered every quarter (3 months), to fund a host of filmmaking projects.

Who decides who gets the grants?

The paying members of the CenterFrame community choose which projects receive funding via a ranked, democratic vote.

Do I need to complete legal contracts when receiving a grant?

There will be a standard award agreement to sign once you have won the grant.

Can I upload multiple projects?

Yes, but only one can be submitted for funding at each voting cycle.

How often does CenterFrame offer funding?

CenterFrame holds funding rounds every three months (every quarter).

Who are the CenterFrame Community?

The CenterFrame community is comprised of all members (paying and free). It is a virtual and physical community where members network at events, develop their projects using our collaboration tools, support each other's projects, and have access to curated content (The collaboration and funding tools are accessible only to paying members).

What kinds of membership plans are there?

Currently, we offer 3 membership plans: a free plan, called FILM BUFFS, where members can watch all the CenterFrame shows and selected films, but have no access to events, tools, or funding. WRITERS: have access to all films and shows, and to the collaboration and funding tools. FILMMAKERS: have access to all of the aformanetioned and to production funding.

How much does it cost to join?

That depends on the plan you choose: FILM BUFFS: free. WRITERS: £20/month. FILMMAKERS: £50/month

Do you offer student discounts?

Not yet. We are working on it.

How often can I apply for a grant?

Every quarter (3 months). But if you've won the last one, you'd have to sit the next one out.

Do you have regional branches?

Our community is global, and we have members in many countries, but currently our only physical office is in London, UK. This may change in the future.

Does CenterFrame offer Networking?

Yes! Paying members network via an array of tools and events.

Are CenterFrame events open to the public?

Unless stated otherwise, CenterFrame events are for paying members only. We do hold free, open film-making competitions, though.

What do you mean by Collaboration?

CenterFrame is here to help its members utilize each other's intellectual and creative talents. To this end members will be encouraged to support and give feedback on each other’s projects.

Do you help get projects and films seen?

Yes! We have a collection of shows highlighting filmmakers and their work, and a film channel showcasing CenterFrame members' creations. We're also working on screening events and film-festival partnerships.

Does CenterFrame own the projects it funds?

No! The projects belong to their copyright holder. CenterFrame will only hold bragging rights, and the right to show off the projects.

We are a filmmaker-led, global community

With us, you can connect with filmmakers from all over the world, collaborate, get feedback on your projects, fund it and get them seen.