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£ 50/Month

This plan is for filmmakers who are looking to develop their scripts and films, get feedback from members, meet writers, directors and producers and have access to development, production*, completion and festival funding for your projects.

You can:
  • Follow & message other members
  • Attend networking events
  • Create projects
  • Get feedback on your project from fellow members
  • Offer help & feedback to fellow members
  • Apply for development funding for your feature/tv pilot script
  • Apply for production funding for your short film*
  • Apply for completion funding for your short film
  • Apply for festival funding for your short film
  • Access all discussion groups
  • Vote in all funding rounds
  • Watch all CenterFrame shows
  • Watch all CenterFrame films
  • Read our our blog
  • Receive email updates

*Applications to production funding will be made available to all members from April 2023.